Why Momoko is good?

Give your clients an unparalleled complete conditioning service!

We believe hairdressing is about more than a cut and blow-dry. We know from experience that clients are looking for the complete salon haircare service – they want their salon to give them salon-ready hair every day. Our treatments make that possible, putting Momoko salons streets ahead of the competition in the mission for hair perfection. If your salon shares in our commitment to excellence, then we want to work with you in bringing Momoko treatments to your clients.

Momoko salons stand out boldly from the rest

We work closely with all salons offering Momoko so that clients everywhere benefit from our strong brand ethos and high standards of excellence from every treatment.
  • We work to maintain a strong relationship between our brand and your clients or potential clients. We promote expression of individuality, celebration of creativity and appreciation of luxury in our brand’s look and feel.
  • We offer first class training seminars and on-going support to ensure high standards of excellence are maintained across all Momoko salons. Our Education Partner is Trevor Sorbie Salons, and as a Momoko salon you’ll have access to their renowned expertise.


Happy clients time after time

As the word spreads that Momoko is the “must-have” in hair it’s our mission to ensure clients everywhere can find a Momoko professional nearby and join us in the hair shaping movement.

Add Momoko to your portfolio of services

Request our salon information brochure via post or email, or speak to a Momoko representative today about bringing Momoko to your clients. And don’t just take our word for it – check out what our current partners are saying.

The voice

How the salon owners think about Momoko

Let's take a new step

Salon Owner, PKAI Hair

''In terms of making Afro hair more sleek and manageable, the Momoko permanent hair straightening system has been a game changer for us and our clients.''

Salon Director & Co-Owner Trevor Sorbie Hampstead

"Afro hair is traditionally quite weak, so I've found that most relaxers on the market are quite harsh on the hair and can lead to breakage. That's why I'm so happy to be able to use Momoko in my salon as it gives me the confidence that I can provide my client with the results they're looking for, without having to compromise the condition of their hair."

International Technical Director, Trevor Sorbie

“Momoko Straightening is a revolution in permanent hair straightening. Never before have I had the ability to permanently straighten hair that is bleached..."

Robert Brannon Salons, Burnley

"I’ve been waiting over 30 years for a product like this - the results we get with Momoko are outstanding..."

P.Kai Hair, Peterborough

"We’ve just launched the Momoko permanent hair straightening service into the salon and it’s been incredible - the product is great and the condition of the hair afterwards was amazing..."


"Set to revolutionise your morning routine...Momoko Digital Curling and Permanent Hair Straightening are next-level treatments"