What is MOMOKO?

How does it work?

Momoko Hair Shaping

How does Momoko Hair Shaping work?

Through the application of our innovative protein and moisture-rich pre-treatments, hair is instantly repaired and restored in health before some of the structural bonds that hold its existing shape are released with the help of a specially formulated chemical solution. The hair is then reshaped by molecular reconfiguration under the influence of thermal heat. Finally, the structural bonds are re-established and fixed in the new form. The result is permanently reshaped hair that will not revert to its old shape even after washing or styling. Hair is left healthy, shiny and in better condition than before. This process is also known as ‘Thermal Reconditioning'.

Where can I get the Momoko Hair Shaping treatments?

Please visit the Momoko Salon on our Website.

Are the Momoko products safe to use?

All of our products are absolutely safe to use. Momoko are committed to offering high quality products that have been fully tested to strict UK & EU safety standards. Every ingredient is compliant with the “European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/ 2009/ EU” and none of the Momoko formulations contain formaldehyde or any other aldehydes or produce these at any point in the process.

How long will the Momoko Hair Shaping procedure take?

Whatever Momoko Hair Shaping service you are having the duration of the treatment will depend upon hair type, length and density but it usually takes between 2-4 hours.

Are the Momoko Hair Shaping treatments suitable for bleached hair?

Yes! Thanks to our specially formulated Hair Shaping Solutions and pre-treatments, for the first time bleached hair can benefit from this service.

Are the Momoko Hair Shaping treatments suitable for my hair?

Due to the application of Momoko’s protein and moisture-rich pre-treatments combined with our wide range of specially formulated Hair Shaping Solutions, Momoko Hair Shaping will be suitable for most hair types including, for the first time, bleached hair. The best way to check suitability is to have a consultation prior to the service.

Any hair types that it is not suitable for?

The application of our innovative pre-treatments mean that damaged hair is instantly repaired and restored and on the whole hair is left in better condition than before. However a consultation is essential as, if hair is too damaged, it may not have enough structure (bonds) to release and reform with enough strength to hold the new shape. It is quite unusual to find hair in this condition and your stylist will advise on the suitability of the Hair Shaping treatments during your consultation and whether the Momoko pre-treatments can help in repairing and restoring the hair.

Will the Momoko Hair Shaping procedure damage the hair at all?

With the bespoke nature of Momoko’s products it’s possible to protect the hair and in most cases strengthen the hair during the process. The Momoko protein and moisture-rich pre-treatments serve to repair, strengthen, nourish and protect the hair prior to the Hair Shaping procedure, leaving hair looking and feeling softer, shinier and healthier than before.

Can I have the Momoko Hair Shaping treatments if I'm pregnant?

Although all of our products are safe to use, we do not recommend using any chemical treatments whilst pregnant.

Do I have to use special products after the Momoko Hair Shaping treatment?

Your stylist will show you the best products to care for and to style your hair.

Can I colour my hair before/after a Momoko Hair Shaping treatment?

Yes, but it is advisable to wait two weeks prior to or after the treatment before colouring your hair. Always consult a professional before choosing your colour.

Can the Momoko Hair Shaping products be applied on hair that has previously been permed, chemically straightened or relaxed?

It is important to provide your stylist with details of previous chemical treatments as some ingredients may not be compatible. A consultation would be recommended prior to the service.

Any specific aftercare instructions in the first 24/48 hours following the Momoko Hair Shaping treatments?

Following the Momoko Digital Perm treatment, do not fully immerse the hair in water for the first 48 hours, however, damping down to restyle or getting caught in the rain won’t affect the curl. Following the Momoko Straightening treatment we recommend that hair is not washed for 48 hours following the treatment. After this period it can be washed as normal. In order to ensure the very best results we also advise not to put hair up in a pony-tail or use clips or any other hair accessories in the hair or put hair behind your ears for the first 48 hours.

Can I temporarily straighten or curl my hair after having a Momoko Hair Shaping treatment?

Yes, you can style your hair any way you want but your new shape will return after you wash your hair.

Momoko Digital Perm

What makes this new Momoko Digital Perm different to traditional perms and the original Digital Perm?

Thanks to innovative new techniques and the introduction of an incredibly gentle formulation, the Momoko Digital Curl delivers a wider range of results on more hair types including for the first time, bleached hair. The new generation Digital Curl process differs from a traditional or cold perm because it uses gentler ingredients and heat (digital thermal reconditioning) to curl hair without the associated frizz of a traditional perm. The application of the Momoko pre-treatments instantly repair and restore the condition of hair prior to the Hair Shaping process meaning that most hair types can benefit from this service.
The curl is also different, the Momoko Digital Curl delivers a curl that looks and behaves most like a natural curl in that when the curl is wet it is loose but gets firmer and bouncier as it dries, and this is because the hair condition isn’t compromised.

How long do the results last?

It depends on the condition of your hair and the style that you want to achieve. If the condition is good then results normally last around 3-6 months and curls will only slowly begin to drop due to the unavoidable effects of gravity. As your hair will not be damaged by the treatment you can have a maintenance session whenever you feel like your curls need a boost.

Can people with curly have the Momoko Digital Perm?

The Momoko Digital Perm treatment isn’t just for people with straight hair, those with coarse, frizz prone curls can also turn to this treatment to smooth and relax their hair into more manageable waves.

Any specific aftercare instructions?

It really needs care like all curls, moisture and protein from good shampoos and conditioners. The products shouldn’t be too heavy either.

Anything to avoid?

We recommend that you avoid products that are for unruly curls as these will tend to really weigh down your new natural looking curls. The key thing to look for are the words ‘for permed hair’ – avoid things for taming curls, some curl crèmes are very heavy because they’re designed to control and calm down a curl – you want to encourage a curl, so don’t use anything gunky or sticky. Mousses, light creams and light lotions are the way to go..

After the Momoko Digital Curl, will I need to continue to style my hair?

To achieve a look that is not just natural looking curls or waves, you must style the hair. This could be twisting large sections or drying each section with a diffuser. While digital Perming completely changes the movement in hair it doesn’t style it for you. The Momoko Digital Perm will achieve curls that offer versatile options for styling. They are not a direct replacement for styling. Just as you need to style your straight hair you’ll also need to style your new shape. The curls make it easier to achieve looks ranging from soft waves to bouncy springy curls that would otherwise only be achievable with heated tools such as tongs or wands.

Tips on styling permed hair?

Don’t over dry, you won’t need to wash the hair every day as curls often look better the day after shampooing. The natural oils help give curls separation. Don’t brush or comb the hair when it’s dry, you’ll cause frizz. A diffuser can help when you need to dry the hair more quickly. We suggest practising before a big event! Getting used to styling your new curls will take time. You’ve had a lifetime of straighter hair.

Advantages of a Momoko Digital Perm over curling wands and heated rollers?

Daily heating from heat styling tools will dry the hair and will, as the condition deteriorates make it more difficult for the hair to hold a curl. As the Momoko Digital Perm not only makes it possible to achieve these looks without these heated styling tools it also gives maximum longevity to curls if you do occasionally use hot tools.

Can I straighten my hair after the Momoko Digital Perm?

Yes you can remove the new shape if you find you don’t like it by either permanently or semi-permanently straightening the hair.

Can my hair be temporarily straightened after the Momoko Digital Perm?

Yes, you can blow dry your hair straight or use high quality straightening irons. However, it is best to ensure that professional heat protection styling products are used to prevent any potential damage. Your curls will return as soon as you wash your hair again.

Once my hair starts to grow out will the wave/curl drop?

Yes, over a period of several months and as your hair grows the effect will relax (due to gravity!). You will also lose some of the effect of the curl after a haircut. However, as your hair will not be damaged by the treatment you can have a maintenance session whenever you feel like your culrs need a boost!

How much does the Momoko Digital Perm treatment cost?

Prices start from £180 and will vary depending upon the salon and location.

Can I have it done again and again?

Yes, you can have your maintenance session whenever you feel like your curls need a boost. Your hair will not be damaged by the Momoko Digital Perm so there’s no reason to take a break from having it done. Because the process is bespoke to your hair type you can achieve great results again and again, but remember the more care you take of your hair the better and longer lasting the results.

What’s the best way to wash curly hair (technique/products/frequency)?

Curls should be treated gently when shampooing so don’t rub them too hard, and use products designed for use with permed or chemically treated hair. Products that say ‘for coloured hair’ would also be suitable for permed hair. Use a treatment at least once a month. Sulphate-free and paraben-free products are a matter of choice rather than necessity (it’s not like a Brazilian Blow Dry where the protein can be broken down which is why sulphate-free is essential, these are permanent bonds that are formed) but the more gentle the product, the better it is for the curl. We also recommend that you use a very good conditioner – conditioner is the splurge product for girls with curls. You don’t need to wash curls every day and they often look better on day 2 or 3 so most people can get it to last 2 days. On day 2 and beyond, use a curl rejuvenator spray in between, just spritz hair and rework for another day of perfect curls! It’s also not necessary to use lots of hold products such as hairspray because the structure is holding the shape – this is where it differs from tonged curls which need lashings of hairspray to stop them dropping.

How do you style it into shape?

Start by applying a good quality styling product suitable for curly hair. If you leave it to dry naturally it’ll look like a natural curl and drying with a diffuser will speed up this look. Alternatively, finger dry in ringlets to produce a tonged effect: To style the curls into shape, section the hair – if you take 10 sections you’ll get a bigger, Kate Middleton-style wave, while taking more sections will result in smaller curls. Wrap the hair into shape with your hand (it’ll fall into the right place with the tiniest bit of encouragement) and then blow dry to hold the style. Finish with a spritz of light shine spray.

Momoko Japanese Straightening

How much does the Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment cost?

Prices start from £200 and will vary depending upon the salon and location.

How long do the results last?

Hair that has been treated will remain straight and only the regrowth will require a retouch. The average time between treatments is 4-9 months but will depend upon your hair type and how fast it grows.

Are Japanese Hair Straightening and Thermal Reconditioning the same treatments?

Yes. The hair is permanently straightened and simultaneously repaired through compressed thermal heat generated from a straightening iron. The compression and heat transforms the bonds in the hair to a straight configuration. The ironing process also seals in previously applied proteins, conditioners and moisturising ingredients into the hair, leaving the hair softer and glossier.

Can I temporarily curl my hair after having a Momoko Hair Shaping treatment?

Yes, you can style your hair any way you want but your new shape will return after you wash your hair.

What hair types is the Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment suitable for?

The Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment is suitable for most hair types including European, Asian and Afro-Caribbean.