We think results speak for themselves which is why we share so many with you, and these are no exception. These amazing results were achieved by partner salon Shirlaw Sanctuary, a boutique hair salon based in Kent. 

Permanently Straight, glossy and perfectly conditioned hair CAN be achieved by everyone even if you have afro- hair (see our latest Afro hair results here)

Are you a salon? 

Here's the facts:

  • Momoko treatments are fully tested & safe
  • Momoko treatments surpass UK & EU saftey standards
  • Momoko treatments are FREE FROM Formaldehyde and all other aldehydes 
  • Momoko treatments can be used on bleached, damaged and fragile hair 
  • Momoko treaments leave hair glossy, shiny and in improved condition

Find out more: Email us at info@momoko.co.uk 

Book an appointment at Shirlaw Sanctuary Tel: +44 (0) 759 5337588


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