The stress of planning your wedding is more than enough without having to worry about your hair as fact it needs to be the last thing on your mind.

Well we want to let you into a little secret that just may help in your quest for wedding day hair perfect...MOMOKO (ok so maybe you knew we were going to say that) but here's 5 great reasons to choose Momoko for your big day:

  1. Momoko reshapes the hair from within whilst conditioning, moisturising and nourishing it every step of the way leaving you with shiny, healthy locks which are effortless to blow dry and style.
  2. Our hairshaping menu offers a flexible range of looks - so whether you want curly, straight or anything in between you really can get the look you want.
  3. There's no 'nasties' in our products or treatments - none of the Momoko formulations contain formaldehyde or any other aldehydes or produce these at any point in the process so there's no risk of nasty reactions that will scare away the groom!
  4. You can benefit froma Momoko treatment even if you have bleached, damaged or fragile hair - in fact The Momoko protein and moisture-rich pre-treatments serve to repair, strengthen, nourish and protect the hair prior to the Hair Shaping procedure, leaving hair looking and feeling softer, shinier and healthier than before. 
  5. Momoko can help to keep your hair in place on your big day - so if you are prone to frizzy, fly away locks or if you need more volume in your hair then look no further. 


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