• This week we speak to the fabulous Nikki Anderson, editor of the beauty, hair, and fashion blog Front Row Style.

    What's the blog all about?

    My blog is a complete 'dolly mixture' of all things girly. Readers will find a bit of everything on there from product reviews and makeup tutorials, to styling tips, fashion and beauty oriented apps and websites I've been loving, my thoughts on the latest red carpet events or fashion shows, insights into any special events I've attended, and so much more.

    Why did you start blogging?

    I am trained and experienced in areas of makeup artistry, and did a bit of freelance work for a while. I had therefore actually started the blog as a little space of the web to document my work on. I am a typical girly girl though and have a complete passion for fashion and all the other fun and exciting things us ladies love, hence the blog evolving into what it is now. I've followed other bloggers and vloggers for years and enjoy writing myself, so this combined with my degree and 'day job' in marketing meant starting a blog seemed like a very natural progression.

    Best celebrity hair inspiration?

    For me it has to be Khloe Kardashian. I absolutely love her take on ombre colouring, and that she quite often sports looks and styles that are perhaps a little more out there and quirky than her ever pristine sister Kim, yet are still so wearable...like the slicked back finish she has sported recently, her updated 90's inspired half up ponytail, or even the springy, ringlet curls she's also been spotted in of late...I love it all. I am actually in the process of having my hair lightened to resemble something along the lines of Khloe's ombre style, and love her signature beachy waves that flatter this colouring so well!

    Your favourite hair trend for summer?

    A pretty predictable answer, but I am a die-hard fan of beachy waves. I'm loving the fact that pleats incorporated into this sort of look seem to be so on-trend right now though. Whether it be tiny pleats created to look almost like braids, or larger ones taken from either side and pinned around the back to create that bohemian-esque type style, I think they are all gorgeous. Waterfall and French style pleats to keep the hair off the face are beautiful too and so easy to re-create at home for that effortless chic look.

  • 01 May 2014

    Kate Moss for Topshop

    Caption: Image source: Vogue

    The Queen of the boho beach wave is back with a new collection for high street store Topshop, and we couldn't be more pleased.

    Launched at a star studded event (oh how we wish we were her BFF) last night at The Connaught (where else?) Kate was joined by celeb friends Cara Delevinge, Naomi Campbell and Siena Miller as she presented her collection. With summer dresses, a fab jumpsuit and even some luxurious pyjamas, each piece showcases the trademark Mossy style. Never mind the clothes, Kate (as always) was rocking the perfect boho beach wave look we are currently coveting. 

    Image source: Vogue


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