• This month we were featured in the August issue of Hair Magazine. The Style guide 'long' showcases our super straight Momoko Permanent Straightening look! 

    What's great about our Momoko treatments are how easy they are to style. Both our Permanent Straightening and Digital Curl treatments give you glossy, healthy and conditioned hair that can be transformed into a variety of styles. You can straighten your Digital Curls or Curl your Permanent Straight locks (simply wash and voila they are back!)

    5 Great ways to work your Momoko look

    1. A high, tight, sleek pony - this classic 'power' look is a great way to showcase your look especially in between washes. 
    2. A low messy chignon - this laid back look is great for weekends.
    3. Part braided down-do - add interest to your look with a cute braid.
    4. A fish tail plait - a la Mrs Beckham, need we say more?
    5. Sophistcated top knott - transform your glossy locks into a oh so professional style. 


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