• Beautiful straight, frizz-free hair is not just for the ladies, that's why men love MOMOKO too! 

    “I love using the Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment, it’s so popular with both my male & female clients. The results are outstanding, my clients are left with beautifully straight hair that is super soft and shiny” Chlóe Sandoz – Chlóe Sandoz Hair, Mayfair.

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  • This week Bree Davie, Salon Director & Co-Owner at Trevor Sorbie Hampstead sent us these absolutely amazing results of our Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment on Afro-Caribbean hair.

    Bree was able to use our Momoko treatment to achieve glossy, healthy, and perfectly straight locks for her client and we think it looks fantastic!

    "Afro hair is traditionally quite weak, so I've found that most relaxers on the market are quite harsh on the hair and can lead to breakage. That's why I'm so happy to be able to use Momoko. There are different variants and strengths I can use to ensure the service is completely bespoke to my client (e.g. for the client pictured I used a softer mix through the weaker ends, and a stronger mix through the roots). Using Momoko in my salon gives me the confidence that I can provide my client with the results they're looking for, without having to compromise the condition of their hair."

    Bree Davie - Salon Director & Co-Owner Trevor Sorbie Hampstead 

    To book your Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment at Trevor Sorbie Salons, please visit:


    Or call:

    Trevor Sorbie (Hampstead)

    Tel: 0207 112 1712

    Trevor Sorbie (Covent Garden)

    Tel: 0207 379 6901

    Trevor Sorbie (Richmond)

    Tel: 0203 474 0988

    Trevor Sorbie (Manchester)

    Tel: 0161 839 2255 

    Or find a salon near you using our Salon Locator

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  • Caption: Nita Brainch is Consultant at The House of Rush
    Caption: Before and after the Momoko Permanent Straightening Treatment

    We are proud to announce that the Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment is now available at The House of Rush in Piccadilly, London & Rush Kilburn.

    Sitting alongside Rush’s varied portfolio of in-salon services, Momoko will offer Rush customers innovative hair shaping treatments, with sleek, smooth permanently straight styles – from natural straight to poker straight.

    About The House of Rush

    The House of Rush is an elegant, contemporary salon in the heart of London’s Piccadilly. Stylists are devoted to creating stunning looks that will fill you with inner confidence. We are so excited that the experienced and creative stylists at The House of Rush will be using our Momoko treatments to help their customers achieve the hair of their dreams.

    About the Stylist 

    Nita Brainch is a consultant and afro specialist at The House of Rush in Piccadilly. She has been working for Rush for seven years, starting as a stylist before becoming a consultant at their flagship store. 

    Nita tells us: "I love working with Momoko, providing a special service to my clients that literally changes their lives." 

    Time to change your life?

    Get the new season look with Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening at The House of Rush.

    Book your Momoko treatment at The House of Rush now: 020 3642 6505.

    Or visit our salon locator

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  • We were delighted to be featured in the March 7th addition of Grazia magazine along side our Education partner Trevor Sorbie Salons.

    Grazia showcased our Digital Curling treatment as a top 10 story!

    Join us as a Momoko Partner Salon and receive first class training seminars from Trevor Sorbie Salons.

  • More FANTASTIC results from our Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment at RUSH Hair & Beauty. Here you can see the clients hair prior to the treatment, all frizzy and in bad condition.

    After the treatment the client is left with sleek, glossy, straight hair in better condition that before. 

    Get the look. search our Salon Locator to find a salon near you. 


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